Appel à contribution (15.09.2017)

Save the date

On June 8, 2018  the AGE-CH anniversary conference  at the PH Zurich will take place, focusing on

“Geography – researching and educating for a sustainable future”

Keynote speaker will be Prof. Dr. Peter Messerli, who is the co-chair of the UN Global Sustainable Development Report.

More information coming soon!

Appel à contribution (15.09.2017)


to the website of the Swiss Association for Geographic Education (AGE-CH)


The Swiss Association for Geographic Education (AGE-CH)

  • is the official point of contact and information for all issues concerning geographical education and didactics in Switzerland.
  • is actively engaged in the political discussion concerning the education of geography teachers and geography teaching at all school levels. The AGE-CH sees this engagement as general help and specific advice in cases of decision-making.
  • accompanies and supports the evolution of the school subject of geography in the context of the general school and curriculum development in Switzerland.
  • works in educational research and development to enhance teaching and learning in geography and environmental education.
  • cooperates and exchanges information with people, organisations and institutions involved in geographical education on a national and international level.